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Downtown Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Hilo is the capital of the Big Island and lies on the Windward (East) side of the Island. This side of the Big Island is a wet place. Rainfall averages 140 inches annually which makes this side of the island very lush, and filled with a tropical rainforest filled to the brim with colorful flowers and waterfalls.

Hilo is very easy to love. It is rainy and charming, tropical and laid back. People are friendly, and time here seems run just a bit slower than on the Kona side of the island.

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Hilo Hawaii
Aerial view of Hilo Bay and Downtown Hilo

Hilo also is considered the Cultural capital of the island. Historic buildings, two recent tsunami’s and a heritage of the old plantations days set the scene. You’ll want to check the galleries and museums in downtown Hilo and don’t miss the farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday.

Hilo is also home the University of Hawaii Hilo campus, whose students form about 10% of all of Hilo’s inhabitants. This gives parts of Hilo the vibe of a college town, with its own special atmosphere.

Did you know that Hilo is the Orchid Capital of the world? The Lush climate on this side makes it the perfect place for cultivating orchids. If you look around you might see a few in the ‘wild’ yourself.

Activities near Hilo

Outside Hilo there is also plenty of action for the outdoors-minded visitor. Towards the north you find the Hāmākua coast with many scenic routes, canyons, and waterfalls that will easily keep you mesmerized for a day. Closer by, there are many easily accessible spectacular waterfalls and lush rainforest trails to pick, of which the Rainbow Falls and “Boiling Pots” are the most famous.

South of Hilo is the picturesque old hippie town of Pahoa that offers access to the lava flowing into the sea (if the lava is flowing into the sea). Plan a day here to visit one of the beach parks or volcanic powered hot ponds along the coast and go out to see the lava at night (back to top)

A good local resource about Hilo with often updated local events and information is downtownhilo.

Directions to Hilo:

Hilo is the landing place for many visitors to the Big Island through the Hilo International Airport. All the main rental car agencies have an office at the airport, but it is also possible to leave the airport by bus (hele-on bus).

Kailua-Kona (86 miles, 2 hr 20 min), Waimea (55 miles, 1 hr 20 minutes), Pahoa (20 miles, 35 minutes) and Volcano Village (30 miles, 50 min) are all easily reachable by car. (back to top)

hilo, big island, downtown
Hilo as seen from the ocean looking towards downtown. Adapted from original image by Prayitno on Flickr, published under a CC BY 2.0 license.


With an average rainfall of 140 inches annually, a light raincoat is not a luxury. However, the rain here has the courtesy to wait mostly for the evening, and weeks without rainfall (during the day) are common. (back to top)

Local Weather in Hilo:

Weather in Hilo is more humid and less sunny when compared to the rest of the Big Island. -But don’t worry to much about the weather! You will still be in the so-called “tropical United States”. If you want to see what this means for your visit to Hawaii (average temperature, hours of sunshine, cloudy days and precipitation) check out the monthly average weather for Hilo.

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Interactive Map of Hilo:

This is our map of Hilo with clickable icons. The icons denote information on this website about local activities, shops and vacation rentals. Clicking an icon will display more information. (back to top)

Are you looking for the map of another part of the Big Island? We also have interactive maps of  Volcano Village, Kona and Waimea!