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Bed and Breakfasts are a wonderful way to get to know the island, with a setting that is more intimate (but offers less luxury) than those of the resorts or hotels on Hawaii.

Hale Kai Hawaii

Hale Kai means “house on the Ocean”, and that is exactly what it is. Hale Kai offers oceanfront accommodations and  a spectacular, panoramic view of the blue Pacific Ocean and Hilo Bay. The sunrises are worth getting up early for (seriously!), and their front lawn overlooks the popular Honoli’i surfing beach.

Hale Kai Hawaii is located 2 miles from historic Hilo town and has good access to everything the Hilo side of Hawaii has to offer. Room rates are between $155 and $180/night

Visit the Hale Kai Hawaii website.

Hale Kai Hawaii
The view from Hale Kai Hawaii|Hale Kai Hawaii overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Hilo Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii

More Bed and Breakfasts in Hilo

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