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You are here: Home >> About this website | mission statement website is written by people that love the Big Island for people that love the Big Island.

We believe that the Big Island is one of the most magical places on Earth with an unparalleled diversity of outdoor wonders, flora, and fauna. This diversity is a blessing, but also a curse. Because of it, the Big Island is very vulnerable to outside influences.

Why Malama ‘aina!

Malama ‘aina is Hawaiian for “take care of the land”, and that is exactly what we hope to help you do with this website.

Unfortunately, many Hawaiʻi guides are written mostly with commercial intent and appear to have been written with complete disregard for the Islands and her people. This causes unnecessary damage to the Hawaiian Islands. We say unnecessary because we firmly believe that no one that visits Hawaii would ever intentionally cause harm to the islands.

This is why we have created Our guide helps you enjoy the Big Island in such a way that the next generation will still be able to see why you loved the Big Island so much!

Our mission:

Our mission is to share the Big Island that we know and love in such a way, that the impact of tourism on the Island is minimal. This does not mean we don’t send you to the fun places, but rather that we tell you how you can enjoy and respect Hawaiʻi at the same time. We also prefer to send you to local people and enterprises that know and respect the Big Island and are a firm believer in the slogan “enrich the community: buy local”.

No hidden hikes or secret beaches

What you will not find on our website are “secret beaches” or “hidden hikes”. “Hidden” or “secret” often means dangerous, and listing any of these places would place both you and the place itself in harm’s way. Let the locals have their private spots, and let yourself be enchanted by any of the easily accessible wonders of the Big Island.

How to support the lovebigisland website

The creation and maintenance of this website is a work of love. We don’t accept donations, but there are a few easy ways you can support us.

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Big Island Directory

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