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The Volcano Village farmers market is the “social event of the week” in Volcano. Many locals come out to swap news, listen to the “coconut wireless” (big island gossip), and meet friends. If you are spending the weekend in Volcano Village you can start your Sunday early with a visit to this market to pick up some souvenirs for home and a lunch for later that day in the Volcanoes National park.

There are two other markets near Volcano Village. One in Ka’u (to the west) and the “Market @ the mill” towards the east between Volcano and Hilo. You can find more information on those in our list of farmers markets near Volcano.

cooper center volcano
The Farmers Market in Volcano Village is held in the Cooper Center. Photo Credits: Rosa Say on Flickr.

You can buy arts and crafts, but also locally grown fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables at the Volcano farmers market. Even better, there are also stands selling locally made food delicious products and the islands best fresh baked goods, such as grass fed beef, poi, sweet cheese croissants, almond bearclaws, macadamia croissant, angel-wing pesto rolls, fresh baked bread, and lots more.

Visit the website of the Volcano Farmers Market here.

Directions and opening hours

The Volcano Village Farmers Market is organized every Sunday morning between 06:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. at the Cooper center in Volcano Village.Try to show up early (at least before 09:00 a.m.) to find the most vendors. The Cooper center is located on the cross of Wright road and Kilauea road, just off Hwy 11

volcano village farmers market map

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