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Volcano Village on the Big Island feels like a magical place. It has the charm of cloudy rainforests, and it is easy to forget to rest of the world. There are plenty of unpaved roads and no large chain-stores, and only a few hotels.

This is because Volcano is the perfect place to spend time in a vacation rental. As you may have read on our website, we think that vacation rentals are the best way to get to know the Big Island. We like our own fireplace and garden hot tub surrounded by rainforest to a hotel room :). The active Kilauea volcano and the breathtaking (literary, some people say they ‘taste’ the volcano in the air) national park only add to the charm of your own private cabin. Vacation rentals in volcano are very affordable, also when compared to the rest of Hawaii.

Your two best hotel options in Volcano Village are the Kilauea lodge and the recently re-opened Volcano House in the National Park:

Volcano House

The recently (2013) renovated Volcano House is uniquely located inside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Its history can be traced back to 1846, making it Hawaii’s oldest Hotel. The restored Volcano House offers 33 historic guest rooms, a dining room, snack bar, lounge, and gift shop, along with cultural events and demonstrations. Volcano House also manages the camper cabins and campsites in Namakanipaio Campground.

Volcano House website