Accommodation in Volcano Village

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Volcano Village is one of those places that seems to be made for the use of vacation rentals. The lush rainforest hides many private cottages where you can spend the night telling stories in front of the fireplace or soaking away in the hot tub after a full day of exploring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

We think that staying in a vacation rental is the best way to experience the mystical rainforest of Volcano Village

If you are not sure about how you would like to spend your nights in Volcano, we offer a word or two of advice on choosing the accommodation that suits your needs. This is an overview of the places we recommend for a good night’s rest for any budget:

Vacation Rentals in Volcano Village

As mentioned twice before on this page, we have an immense preference to vacation rentals when it comes to spending the night in Volcano Village. Have a look at a couple of favorites to see why:

Other accommodation options in Volcano Village

There are some alternatives to staying in a vacation rental such as an upper end Hotel and a set of bed and breakfasts, but for most visitors a vacation rental will be the best (and cheaper) choice for spending the night in volcano village.