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Activities in Volcano Village

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Volcano Village is most known for its proximity to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. A visit to the red-hot flowing lava and to old lava-tubes and smoking calderas is a must when visiting Volcano Village, but you would be missing out if those are your only activities.

We recommend spending a minimum of two days in the village to get the most out of your time in Volcano. This activity guide is structures as follows::

  1. The more general outdoor activities that you can enjoy around Volcano Village.
  2. Activities and attraction that are specific to Volcano Village. Think of the local winery, farmers markets or the Volcano Art Center.

Activities and Attractions in Volcano Village

Volcano Village is located in a beautiful and lush rainforest, which makes a gorgeous setting for some of the local attractions. These are, for example, the volcano winery and the Akatsuka orchid farm, and the many local artists that show their work in the Volcano Art Center or in their private galleries.

If you are visiting in the weekend try to visit the volcano farmers market on Sunday morning (very early!) for the local produce and news – a truly local experience. If you get hungry or want to pack lunch for your action packed day in the Hawaii volcanoes national park, stop by one of these restaurants in volcano.

For a different perspective  on the area you can read this very well written guide describing things to do in Volcano Village and the surroundings (external link).

akatsuka orchid farmAkatsuka Orchid Farm

Hilo Is the orchid capital of the world, and a showcase of this is located on the road between Hilo and Volcano: The Akatsuka Orchid Gardens. This is a good place to pull over on a rainy day for a little stop and to admire the many beautiful tropical orchids. Read more about the Akatsuka Orchid Farm.

winery volcano villageVolcano Winery

One of the places where you probably do not expect a vineyard, is on the slope of one of the most active volcanoes of the world in Hawaii. The Volcano Winery is located just outside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and is the most southern winery in the United States. Read more about the Winery in Volcano Village.

volcano art center hawaiiVolcano Art Center

The mission of the Volcano Art Center is to promote, develop, and perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritage of Hawaii’s people and environment through activities in the visual, literary, and performing arts.This makes the Volcano Art Center a perfect stop if you are interested in learning about Hawaiian heritage and arts during your visit to the Volcanoes National park. Read more about the Volcano Art Center.

cooper center volcanoVolcano Village Farmers Market

The Volcano Village farmers market is the “social event of the week” in Volcano, and many locals come out to swap news, listen to the “coconut wireless” (big island gossip), and meet friends. If you are spending the weekend in Volcano Village you can start your Sunday early with a visit to this market to pick up some souvenirs for home and a lunch for later that day in the Volcanoes National park. Read more about the Farmers Market of Volcano Village

Pu'uloa petroglyphsPu’u Loa Petroglyph Field

The Pu’u Loa petroglyph field in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the largest petroglyph field of Polynesia, and it is very easy to see once you are in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. A short hike takes you 0.7 (or 1.4 round-trip) miles to a boardwalk that encircles ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs. Read more about the Pu’u Loa petroglyph field.

Outdoor Activities in and around Volcano Village

Volcano Village is located in a beautiful lush rainforest, and offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails, opportunities for outdoor camping. The village has a charming golf course, but most people come here for the activities related to the Volcanoes: Hiking, Biking, Lava viewing, Helicopter tours and Camping. There are even some possibilities to sign up to volunteering programs to help the nature of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


There are bike trails in the Hawaii Volcanoes National park that you can use if you bring up a bike, but for the visitor it is far easier to explore the park by biking tours. Read more about Biking on the Big Island.


There are two camping grounds in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. If you plan on camping in the park make sure to bring warm clothes and rain gear, since weather can be cold and wet. Read more about Camping in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


There is a golf course  just above (west of) Volcano Village. The greens are not comparable with the world-class courses you can find on the west coast, but are worth a visit if you are looking for a day of leisure on the Volcano. Read more about Golfing on the Big Island.


the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park sports some of the best hikes of the Big Island. You can find trails for all levels of difficulty in the Park. Read more about Hiking in Volcano Village.

helicopter_toursHelicopter Tours

Technically this should not be in this section, since the helicopter tours leave from either Hilo or Kona. However, Helicopters are one of the best (and most spectacular) ways to see the volcano, and thus are a good option for your stay close to the park. Read more about taking a helicopter tour on the Big Island.

lava_viewingLava Viewing

Volcano Village is well suited to use as a base when you want to go and see the lava. Volcano village is literally around the corner of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and the active lava flows are just a short ride away in the direction of Hilo. Read more about lava viewing on Hawaii.

end-of-road-thumbScenic drives

A small detour to your destination can often open up a whole new face of the Big Island. Scenic roads close to Volcano Village are the Chain of craters road and the Kapoho – Kalapana road. Read more about Scenic drives on the Big Island.