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Most hotels in Kona have the advantage that they are located ‘where the action is’: downtown Kailua Kona. Hotel rates are on the same level as vacation rentals, and generally in between the prices for the more luxurious resorts and the more low-key  bed & breakfasts. Below we list some of your options of Kona Hotels.

If you find nothing of your liking in the list below, the Hawaiian Islands section at the expedia website is a good place to start looking for more hotel options1.

Uncle Billy’s

Not a very glamorous hotel but the rooms are clean, the rates reasonable, and the location CANNOT be beat!

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King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Resort

This hotel is named after Hawaii’s most famous monarch, king Kamehameha. Their location rivals that of Uncle Billy’s and overlooks a great snorkeling bay. Their prices are somewhat higher. They have their own swimming pool and Luau, and have a rich Hawaiian cultural background.

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Kona Seaside Hotel

This garden hotel, right on the ocean, sits on acres of lush lawns featuring native Hawaiian plantings, a sun deck overlooking the sea and two large swimming pools. Their amenities include two outdoor swimming pools, laundry facilities, air conditioning and a shopping mall.

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Kona Tiki Hotel

Located one mile south of Kona village, this reasonably priced hotel prides itself on many return costumers and a family atmosphere!

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