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Ever since I was a child I thought about seahorses as mythical creatures that look like dragons and whose males become pregnant. When I found out that you can see and hold these animals yourself as part of a seahorse farm tour here on the Big Island I got really excited!

The Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm just north of Kailua Kona organizes tours of their seahorse farm that last an hour and include holding a seahorse. Did you know that their neighbors organize octopus farm tours?

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You can hold a seahorse during the tour at the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. Image credit: the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm Tour Details

Tours are available Monday through Friday 3 times a day (10 am, noon and 2 pm) during high season, fewer times during low season.

The tour takes between 1 and 1.5 hours and lets you see baby seahorses, pregnant males, and leafy and weedy sea dragons. They also have an aquarium where more than half the worlds 36 species of seahorses are on display, an interactive tide pool and a fish feeding station for the children.

All tours are led by a professional and certified Biologist that has been trained in public speaking. You can read more about the tour on the ocean rider website.

Tickets for the tours can be bought online or by phone. See their website for details.

You can get a spoiler about the tours and learn some cool seahorse-facts in the following video:

How to get to the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

The Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is located 5 minutes south of the Kona airport, at Keahole point. Take the exit for the “Natural Energy Lab” about one mile south of the Kona airport exit.

The road you need to turn in to is called Makako bay drive, and there is large white scaffolding with solar panels visible at the exit.

The address where they give the tours (for use with GPS) is: 73-4388 Ilikai Place, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA.

Please note that due to bio security measures at the Seahorse farm you are not allowed on their tours if you have toured the  octopus farm (see below), or any other aquaculture facility, earlier that day.

Octopus farm tours!

There is an octopus farm half a mile north of the seahorse farm: the Kanaloa Octopus farm. During the tour you will learn about octopus, and see them up close and personal.

More information on the octopus farm website.

If you are planning to visit the both the octopus farm and the seahorse farm together it is very important to do so in the following sequence:

  1. First stop: the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm
  2. Second stop: the Kanaloa Octopus farm

If you visit the octopus farm first you will not be allowed on the seahorse farm tour due to biosecurity concerns.