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Vacation rentals are the perfect place to stay while you are on the Big Island if you want to be close to the island, and pick up some of the “aloha spirit”. Waimea is no exception here: our favorite way to spend a night here is in the private luxury of a vacation rental! There are many vacation rental possibilities in Waimea that vary widely in price/quality and luxury.

This section is still under construction. For the time being, we refer you to VRBO [see note 1] to search for a vacation rental during your stay on the Big Island. There are over 40+ vacation rentals in Waimea (Kamuela) and 1000+ vacation rentals in the greater Kohala coast region available through this website, and there are no booking fees (free for travelers). We recommend to narrow your search down by sorting on either “price” or “Traveler rating”. Also, make sure to double check to vacation rental location before booking since some rental properties are on the west coast close the the Golf resorts.

Note on using VRBO to find vacation rentals in Waimea

[1] We are part of the VRBO affiliate program. This means that VRBO pays us a small fee for every completed booking we send their way (this money comes out of their pocket, it doesn’t cost you anything). Read more here.