Lunar eclipse from Hawaii on April 14th 2014

This year Hawaii is the host of two(!) total lunar eclipses: One at April 14th and one at October 8th. The lunar eclipse of April 14th starts just before 7 pm Hawaiian time and ends half an hour after midnight on April 15th. The moon will be totally eclipsed between 21:08 and 22:23 on April 14th.  The best time to see the eclipse is between 21:30 and 22:00.

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Below you can find a sky chart of the Hawaiian skies on April 14th just before the full eclipse starts. To find out more about lunar eclipses (e.g. why does the moon turn red? And how did Columbus use a lunar eclipse to his advantage in Jamaica?), click on to our lunar eclipse trivia.

Infographic for the Lunar eclipse visible from Hawaii on April 14th 2014

Infographic for the Lunar eclipse visible from Hawaii on April 14th 2014

As always, stargazing events are a great reason to go out into the lush Hawaiian night and spend with your friends. Have a look at our Hawaii stargazing guide for more stargazing tips.

You can find more information about this eclipse on the eclipse website of NASA.

9 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse from Hawaii on April 14th 2014

  1. couldn't see it too well where I am staying in Waikiki the clouds kept getting in the way.

  2. Question. I don’t live on the Big Island, rather, Kauai. Barring overcast and other bad weather, where on Kauai would be a good place to view the entire lunar event?


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